Getting started

BladeLogic Portal is a web-based user interface that provides a subset of the functionality available in BMC Server Automation. With "the portal," IT operations users can execute common server configuration management activities, such as patching, compliance, and software deployment. Typically, the portal interface offers fewer choices than BMC Server Automation, making it easier to perform many data center automation tasks.

See the following sections for more information about getting started with the portal.

Key conceptsProvides background information about BladeLogic Portal, including its primary use cases, terminology, and future plans.
User goals and featuresDescribes the types of users for which BladeLogic Portal is designed and the tasks they usually perform.
Using the portal for common tasksProvides detailed examples illustrating the most common activities performed with portal, including provisioning VMs, patching servers, and checking server compliance with organizational and industry standards.
Demonstrating the Threat Director processProvides detailed examples illustrating how to use Threat Director to manage vulnerabilities in both a server and network environment.

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