Enabling collection of use case statistics - BMC internal use

BladeLogic Portal can collect statistics on certain user activities. To enable collection, instruct the user to modify a setting in the bmc-config.json file. Users do not gain or lose anything when this capability is turned on or off. 

Here is a list of the user actions that are tracked:

  • Logins and logouts
  • Security and Operator Dashboard views
  • Filters used on the Security and Operator Dashboards
  • Remediation operations created
  • Non-remediation operations created (that is, Deploy, Batch, NSH Script, and so forth)
  • Import button clicks (on the Scan Import page)
  • Auto-maps performed (for assets and vulnerabilities)
  • Manual mapping performed
  • Enrolling of assets
  • Exclusions of vulnerabilities
  • Unmappings of assets and vulnerabilities
  • Manual target rule definition (that is, manual mapping of a vulnerability to remediation content based on specified rules)

To enable or disable collection of statistics

  1. Open the bmc-config.json file for editing.
    Typically, this file resides at <install_location>/portal/configuration/bmc-config.json.
  2. Search for for this string: categoryDebugLevels.
  3. Perform either of the following actions:
    • To enable collection of statistics, append USAGE=info to the value of the categoryDebugLevels entry.  For example, the value of the entry might appear as follows:
    • To disable collection of statistics, remove USAGE=info from the value.
  4. Save bmc-config.json.
    You do not have to restart the portal service. 

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