Assigning asset groups to a portal security group

When defining a portal security group, you can assign responsibility for asset groups—that is, groups of assets that are identified using the Scan File Import page. By performing this operation, you are assigning the BMC Server Automation role or BMC Network automation realm that is associated with a portal security group to particular asset groups. 

This topic describes the entire process of assigning an asset group to a security group, including both the file import tasks and the required portal security group settings.

  1. Using the Scan File Import page, import an asset group report.
    1. Select Vulnerability Manager > Import.
    2. From Select Vendor, select Qualys. Importing of asset groups is only available for Qualys data.


      Manual creation of asset groups is possible. Click here for more information.

    3. For Asset Groups Report, navigate to the asset group report that was exported from Qualys. 
      Click here for more information on obtaining an asset group report. 
    4. Click Import Assets Group.
  2. As a portal administrator, use the Administration page to associate asset groups with a portal security group.
    1. At top right, click the drop-down menu by your user name. Then, select Administration
      The portal displays the Administration page.
    2. On the Security Groups tab, find the security group to which you want to assign asset groups and click Edit .
    3. For the Asset Groups option, select the asset groups that are assigned to this security group. If you do not select any asset groups, this security group has access to all security groups.
    4. Click Update Security Group.

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