The topics in this section contain information to help you use BladeLogic Portal. This section includes the following topics:

Accessing the portalExplains how users launch the portal.
Accessing the dashboard from the portalExplains how to launch BladeLogic Dashboard from the portal.
Common use cases for BladeLogic PortalProvides a high-level description of the actions you can take (along with links to related documentation) for many typical user activities.
Creating, modifying, and managing operationsProvides links to procedures that describe the typical actions needed for creating, managing, and using the results of operations. There are also example procedures for creating a Compliance operation and a Provisioning operation.
Examples - Using the portal for common tasksProvides a list of some some common tasks that are performed in BladeLogic Portal, along with descriptions of those tasks.
Searching server inventory and taking actions on search resultsDescribes how to use various techniques to search server inventory and then obtain information about particular servers or launch operations on those servers.

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