Troubleshooting the installation

See the following sections when analyzing problems that occur during installation of the portal:

The portal server displays a permission denied error during setup on a Windows OS.

Invoke the installer by right-clicking Run as administrator. On Windows 2008 and later, this action grants the user elevated permissions.

The portal server displays a permission denied error when the installer is invoked on a Red Hat OS.

Grant the installer execute permission. For example, run the following command:
chmod +x

An error message says a port is in use.

Take the following actions to check for port conflicts:

  • (Windows): Use portmon (a tool from the sysinternals utility) or the netstat –ao command to determine whether ports are in use by some other process.
  • (Linux) Use the netstat –ap command to determine whether ports are in use by some other process. 

Which version of Java is required?

The portal's installation program includes Java. To avoid conflicts, use the same version—currently Java Runtime Environment  1.7.

 Before installation, set the JAVA_HOME environment variable so its value is the location of the JRE.

How do I clean up after a failed installation?

  1. Execute the uninstall program:
    • (Windows): <installation_directory>/UninstallBladeLogicPortal/uninstall.exe
    • (Linux): <installation_directory>/UninstallBladeLogicPortal/uninstall.bin
  2. Delete the installation directory.
  3. Kill all portal processes from memory or reboot the server.
  4. Remove entries with the name "BMC Portal" from the product registry files:
    • (Windows): C:\windows\ProductRegistry.xml
    • (Linux):  //opt/bmc/ProductRegistry.xml

My portal installation is complete but I cannot log in.

Many situations can cause this problem. Check the following sequence:

  • Make sure all entities (that is, portal database, portal server, and so forth) are installed on supported 64-bit operating systems and you are using a supported configuration for your installation stack.
  • Make sure the BMC Server Automation Application Server is running.
  • Make sure the BMC Server Automation Application Server's web services are enabled.
  • Make sure the portal server can connect to the BMC Server Automation Application Server by means of a web service. The default port for a web service connection is 9843.
  • Make sure the portal database and the schema for the database are properly configured. See Setting up an Oracle database and Setting up a SQL Server database.
  • Make sure birectional communication between the portal database the portal server is working properly.
  • Make sure no other applications on the portal server are using standard or internal communication ports that the portal server needs.
  • Make sure the portal service is running.
  • Check the following logs to see whether they are showing any errors:
    • <installation_location>/BladeLogicPortal/foundation/logs/bsm.log 
    • <installation_location>/ BladeLogicPortal/foundation/serviceability/logs/<application>.log

I want to connect the portal to a different database

To change the portal's database, you must modify the bmc-config.json file. 

  1. Open the bmc-config.json file for editing.
    Typically, this file resides at <install_location>/foundation/configuration/bmc-config.json.
  2. In the file, find the section called foundation_db_service, which appears as follows:

    "foundation_db_service": {

          "": "foundation_db_service",

          "" : "<db_host>",

          "db.port" : <db_port>,

          "db.user" : "<db_user>",

          "db.password" : "<db_user_password>",

          "" : "<db_name>",

          "db.type" : "<db_type>",

          "" : "validate"


  3. Provide the following values:


    Fully qualified name or IP address of the server hosting the database host, such as localhost.

    <db_port>Port for accessing the database.
    <db_user>Database user.
    <db_user_password>Database user's password. The password should be encrypted. To encrypt the password, use the encryption utility attached to this page.
    1. Extract the contents of, which is attached to this page.
    2. Using a command line, navigate to the location where you extracted the ZIP file.
    3. Enter the following command:

      java -jar dca-encrypt-util.jar enc <password>

      The utility returns the password as an encrypted string.

    4. Copy the encrypted password and paste it into the JSON file.
    <db_name>Name or SID of the database.
    <db_type>Type of database. Possible values: Oracle, SQLServer, or PostgreSQL.
  4. Save bmc-config.json.
  5. Restart the portal server:
    • (Windows): On the portal server, open the Services window, find and right-click the BladeLogic Portal service, and select Restart
    • (Linux): On the portal server, enter the following commands:
      /etc/init.d/BladeLogic_Portal stop
      /etc/init.d/BladeLogic_Portal start

I am seeing one of the following errors:

  • TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

    Check the following items:
    • Is the SID or service properly configured and accessible from the portal server?  Note that the SID and service are two different things. Use the lsnrctl status command (as the Oracle user or the database owner) and verify it shows the correct name for the SID or service. 
    • Make sure the connection string for a multinode RAC is correct.
    • Ensure the listener is up. Use the lsnrctlstart command to check. Also determine whether a firewall might be blocking connections.
    • Check the integrity of the database schema by doing the following actions:
      • Determine whether the database is properly installed and configured. See Setting up an Oracle database and Setting up a SQL Server database.
      • When setting up the database schema, make sure you used the setup files provided with for the current portal installation.
      • Determine whether Unicode support is enabled and the database is configured for Unicode support.
      • Determine whether database users might be locked out after a certain period, such as 30 days or more.
      • Determine the password expiration policy of the database. Could the portal's database account be locked out? If so, ask your database administrator to reset any accounts that were locked out.

Take the following steps to correct this error:

    1. If the installation failed, make sure, you have followed all steps in "How do I clean up after a failed installation?"
    2. If the installation is performed on Windows, reboot the portal server.
    3. Make sure all components of the portal are installed on the same LAN as BMC Server Automation.
  • Bundle org.eclipse.equinox.ds_1.4.0.v20120112-1400, [SCR] Unexpected exception occurred! java.lang.IllegalStateException: BundleContext is no longer valid

    Make sure all components of the portal are installed on the same LAN as BMC Server Automation.
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