Pre-deployment considerations

Consider the following information before you start deployment of BladeLogic Portal:

  • Identify which use cases you want to enable and which users and roles would perform those use cases.
  • Start your implementation in a controlled way with a subset of users to let them get familiar with the portal's capabilities.
  • For the use cases you want to support, ensure that the portal exposes all the features and functions your end users need to complete an end-to-end task.
  • Think about how you work today and whether the same process applies when working through the portal. Will using the portal mean that you can change the existing process and put more responsibility in the hands of your end users, as opposed to having BMC Server Automation administrators perform certain tasks on behalf of end users?
  • What training do your end users need?
  • Are the appropriate security controls in place? 

After this information has been considered, you are ready to start your BladeLogic Portal implementation.

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