This space contains information about the BladeLogic Portal 1.2 release.

BladeLogic Portal is a web-based user interface that provides a subset of the functionality available in the BMC Server Automation Console. Designed for end users, BladeLogic Portal lets IT operations personnel execute common server configuration management activities, such as patching, compliance, provisioning, and software deployment. 

This space commonly refers to BladeLogic Portal as "the portal."

What's new

Version 1.2 of BladeLogic Portal features the following enhancements:

  • When defining a Patch Analysis operation, you can now base the operation on a Patch catalog that was created in BMC Server Automation. In this way, you can specify the patches or patch groups that are used for analysis.

  • LDAP authentication is now supported.
  • The installation program can now set up a database and install the BladeLogic Portal application. An extra step for database installation is no longer required. The installation program can also upgrade an existing installation by migrating the database and upgrading the BladeLogic Portal application.

For complete information about what's new, see Enhancements in version 1.2.

Where to start

If you are planning a new installation of the portal, see Planning, Installing, and Configuring after installation.

If you are an end user who sets up and executes operations and uses their results, see Using.

If you are an administrator who intends to manage users, sites, and security, see Configuring after installation and Administering.

For some typical use cases that illustrate how to use the portal, see Examples - Using the portal for common tasks

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