Enhancements in version 1.2

BladeLogic Portal 1.2 includes the following enhancements:

Improvements to Patch Analysis operations

Several changes and enhancements have been made to Patch Analysis operations:

  • When defining a Patch Analysis operation, you can now base the operation on a Patch catalog that was created in BMC Server Automation. Previously, you could only base the operation on an existing Patch Analysis job. Using patch catalogs, you can select the patches or patch groups to include or exclude from an analysis operation.
  • When launching the wizard for a Patch Analysis operation, you now choose the operating system on the first page of the wizard—the Definition page. Previously, you chose the operating system when you selected the Create Operation drop-down list.
  • When viewing Patch Analysis operation results:
    • A new tab called Targets is available. It lists all targets included in the job. From this tab you can see the patches missing for each target and remediate targets that are not fully patched.
    • The Unpatched Targets and Missing Targets tabs are no longer provided. Their functionality is now included in the Targets tab.
    • The Missing Patches tab now lets you browse information about each patch by rolling your cursor over an icon.

New installation and upgrade program

BladeLogic Portal now provides a single installation program that both sets up a database and installs the BladeLogic Portal application. If you prefer, you can still set up a database by separately and then use the installation program to install only the BladeLogic Portal application.

You can use the same installation program to upgrade an existing installation. The program migrates the existing database to the current release and upgrades the BladeLogic Portal application as well. A silent 

Changes to Compliance operation results

When viewing Compliance operation results:

  • The Targets results tab now appears first in the sequence of tabs. By default, it now shows non-compliant targets.
  • Hovering the cursor over a rule in the Rules list displays a popup description of the rule. In previous releases you had to click an icon for additional information about a rule.

Improvements to Provisioning operations

To launch the wizard for defining a VMware Provisioning operation, you now select Provisioning > VMware. On the first page of the wizard, you specify whether you want to use advanced options (what used to be called a VMware Advanced operation).

Improvements to all operations

In the previous release, if you selected a job on the Content page, all other steps in the wizard become read-only. Now, there are two exceptions:

  • If you are defining a Deploy operation and you select a Deploy Job as content, the job could potentially require you to provide a value for a local property, so the Local Properties step remains active.
  • If you are defining an NSH Script operation and you select an NSH Script Job as content, the job could potentially require you to provide a value for a parameter, so the Parameters step remains active.

Improvements to search

When searching for content, you can enter less than three characters as a search string. If you enter no characters, all possible results are returned. In earlier releases you were limited to three characters. 

Customization of site

Ease-of-use improvements have been made to the feature that allows you to customize, or rebrand, the appearance of the portal's interface.

LDAP authentication

BladeLogic Portal now supports LDAP authentication.

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