Server - updateServersStatus

Server - updateServersStatus

Description :

This command updates the status of a list of servers.  This command replaces the command Utility updateServersStatus, which was deprecated. It should be noted that this command is single threaded and the best way to update the status of servers is to use an Update Server Properties Job.

Returns the names of the servers updated successfully and those that were not.

Return type : java.lang.Void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




List of servers to update. This list must be comma-delimited, for example, server 1,server2,server3.The agent status is updated for each server in the list.



Maximum time to wait for each individual server update. Express this time value in milliseconds. If this value is less than 2 minutes (120000) then the default timeout of 2 minutes is used.



True to update all properties; false to update only the agent status property.

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