Server - deployActivityAndChangeDetail

Server - deployActivityAndChangeDetail

Description :

This command returns the job activity performed on the specified target server within the specified date range for Deploy Jobs, NSH Script jobs and Change Tracking (Snapshot) Jobs. The change tracking details are also shown by this command. The job activity items along with the change tracking details are displayed in the following format:

Server name|Job name|Job run start time|Job run end time|Job Type|Job Run Status|User name|Role name|Server Object Type|Template Part|External Changes|Total Changes Count|ReservedColumnForLater|ReservedColumnForLater

Note that the last two columns (ReservedColumnForLater) contain no data. They are place holders for later use.

As input, the command requires the name of a local file. The file should be in CSV format with the following rules:

  • The first row in the file is treated as the header row.
  • The first column in the header row must be 'Name'.
  • The data in the first column must be server name or IP Address which is how that server was added to the BladeLogic system.

Use the charset argument to specify the encoding used in the CSV file. You can set charset to any of the following encodings. In the list below, the charset value is the value within parentheses. For example, some valid charset values are US-ASCII and UTF-8.

  • English (US-ASCII)
  • Arabic (ISO-8859-6)
  • Arabic (windows-1256)
  • Baltic (ISO-8859-13)
  • Baltic (ISO-8859-4)
  • Baltic (windows-1257)
  • Central European (ISO-8859-2)
  • Chinese Simplified (x-EUC-CN)
  • Chinese Simplified (GB18030)
  • Chinese Simplified (GBK)
  • Chinese Simplified (x-mswin-936)
  • Chinese Traditional (Big5)
  • Chinese Traditional (Big5-HKSCS)
  • Chinese Traditional (x-EUC-TW)
  • Chinese Traditional (MS950-HKSCS)
  • Chinese Traditional (x-windows-950)
  • Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5)
  • Cyrillic (windows-1251)
  • Eastern European (windows-1250)
  • Greek (ISO-8859-7)
  • Greek (windows-1253)
  • Hebrew (ISO-8859-8)
  • Hebrew (windows-1255)
  • Japanese (EUC-JP)
  • Japanese (ISO-2022-JP)
  • Japanese (Shift_JIS)
  • Japanese (windows-31j)
  • Korean (EUC-KR)
  • Korean (ISO-2022-KR)
  • Korean (x-windows-949)
  • Russian (KOI8-R)
  • South European (ISO-8859-3)
  • Thai (TIS-620)
  • Turkish (ISO-8859-9)
  • Turkish (windows-1254)
  • Vietnamese (windows-1258)
  • Western (windows-1252)
  • Western (ISO-8859-1)
  • Western (ISO-8859-15)
  • Unicode (UTF-8)
  • Unicode (UTF-16)
  • Unicode (UTF-16BE)
  • Unicode (UTF-16LE)

Use the startDateString and endDateString arguments to specify the date range, using the following syntax:

yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ssZ

where Z indicates the UTC timezone.

For example, to specify December 15, 2009, 3:14 PM in USA Mountain Time, you would specify:

2009/12/15 15:00:14-0700

To indicate this time for France, you would specify:

2009/12/15 15:00:14+0100

and so on. This command returns a list of server objects.

Return type : java.lang.Void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Partial Activity: valid values are deployActivityOnly, changeDetailOnly, all or empty string.



Start date. Use the format yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ssZ



End date. Use the format yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ssZ or "" (empty string) to indicate the current date and time (now).


Deploy/NSH Script Job comma separated include list.


Change Tracking/Snapshot Job comma separated include list.



Directory containing the CSV file.



Local file in CSV format containing the servers to add. See above for a more complete description.



The character set used in the CSV file. Can be UTF-8 or another supported character set. For a full list of available character sets, see the list above.


The following example returns all the Deploy Job activity performed on the target server localhost within the date range of 2009/09/15 15:00:14-0700 to "" (now).


Server deployActivityAndChangeDetail "deployActivityOnly" "2009/09/15 15:00:14-0700" "" "deploy-include-jobname1,deploy-include-jobname2" "snapjob-include-jobname1,snapjob-include-jobname2" "C:/fileDir" "serverListFileName.csv" "UTF-8" 

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