Server - bulkAddServersWithUniqueIP

Server - bulkAddServersWithUniqueIP

Description :

This command is similar to the bulkAddServers command, except that it ensures that the servers being added are unique in IP address, not just in server name. If the IP address of a given server is not specified in the import server CSV file, this command tries to resolve it via DNS. If the command cannot resolve the address, it does not add the server.

As input, the command requires the name of a local file. The file should be in CSV format with the following rules:

  • The first row in the file is treated as the header row.
  • The first column in the header row must be 'Name'. All other columns are treated as property names.
  • The data in the first column can be server names or IP addresses.
    Returns the number of servers that were added.

    Return type : Integer

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Directory containing the CSV file.



Local CSV file that contains the servers to add.



The character set used in the CSV file. Can be UTF-8 or another supported character set. For a full list of available character sets, see the list that is included in the description of the bulkAddServers command.



Indicates whether or not you want the add process to contact the agent on each server and attempt to retrieve each server's intrinsic properties (true/false).


The following example shows how to add the servers specified in a CSV file.


Server bulkAddServersWithUniqueIP /tmp servers.csv UTF-8 false 

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