Server - addServer_1

Server - addServer

Description :

This command lets you add a server, even if the server is not up, or does not have an agent yet.

This command adds a server to the pool of servers managed by BMC BladeLogic. This command does not add the server to any specific role or group.

The name of the server should be a name recognized by an available DNS service. The name can be a short name, a fully qualified name, or even an IP address of the server.

The name that this command specifies will be the name by which the server is stored and referenced within the BMC BladeLogic framework. This command returns the ID of the newly added server.

Return type : Integer

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Name of the server.



Indicates whether or not you want the add process to contact the agent on each server and attempt to retrieve each server's intrinsic properties (true/false).


The following example shows you how to add a server without attempting to retrieve that server's intrinsic properties. You can later obtain the server's intrinsic properties by running an Update Server Properties job.


blcli Server addServer myServer false 

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