PatchingJob - executeJobAndWait

PatchingJob - executeJobAndWait

Description :

This command executes a Patching Job and waits for the job to end before returning.

Use this command to execute a job unless the job should be scheduled. Because this command does not return until the job completes, it effectively pauses execution of any script running this command. This command returns a handle to the job run. It can be used in other commands that need to reference the Patching Job run.

Return type :

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Handle to the Patching Job to be executed.


The following example gets a handle to a Patching Job, executes the job, and waits for the job to end before returning.



JOB_NAME="PatchingJob on all Servers" 

JOB_KEY=`blcli PatchingJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "$JOB_FOLDER" "$JOB_NAME"` 

JOB_RUN_KEY=`blcli PatchingJob executeJobAndWait $JOB_KEY` 

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