JobRun - showBatchJobRunStatusByRunKey

JobRun - showBatchJobRunStatusByRunKey

Description :

This command displays the following information about a particular running Batch Job:

  • Name of the Batch Job
  • Start time
  • Status
  • Total number of finished or running jobs relative to the total number of jobs this Batch Job needs to process. This is expressed in the format x/y, where y is the total number of jobs to be processed, and x is the total number of jobs that are currently running or have already finished.
  • Child Job
  • Start time
  • Status

As input, this command requires a jobRunKey for the Batch Job. You can get a jobRunKey by using a command such as findAllRunKeysByJobKey .

Return type : java.lang.Void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type



Handle to the Batch Job run key.


The following example shows how to obtain information about a running Batch Job.


blcli JobRun showBatchJobRunStatusByRunKey $batch_job_run_key$ 

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