JobRun - getStartTimeByRunKey

JobRun - getStartTimeByRunKey

Description :

This command gets the start time for a job run. You must provide a handle identifying the job run.

This command provides the start time in Java date format. For example, a job start time of 8:41:11 AM on 5 Aug 2005 for a client located in the Eastern time zone is displayed as -- Fri Aug 05 08:41:11 EDT 2005. See getEndTimeByRunKey for a similar command that provides the start time in Java's SimpleDateFormat.

You can use any of the following to get the jobRunKey:

JobRun findLastRunKeyByJobKey

JobRun findRunKeyById

Return type : java.lang.Object

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Handle identifying a particular job run.


See JobRun findAllRunKeysByJobKey for an example showing one way to use this command.

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  1. Ranu Ganguly

    Raised an internal defect to track the following 'Was This Page Helpful' comment:

    Could we please have examples of the output? Reading this I can't really tell whether the result is 1 time for the job. Or multiple times, one for each target. Is 'client' above referring to the job targets? or the client I'm connecting from?

    Oct 29, 2019 11:36