JobRun - getLogItemsByJobRunId_1

JobRun - getLogItemsByJobRunId_1

Description :

This command returns the log items for a specific job run. Each log item includes the following information: type, date and message.

To get the jobKey, use the getDBKeyByGroupAndName command for the job in question. For example:

JOB_KEY=`blcli AuditJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName $JOB_GROUP $JOB_NAME

To get the jobRunId, first get the job run key. The findAllRunKeysByJobKey command has an example of how to do this. Once you have the job run key, you can use the jobRunKeyToJobRunId command to get the jobRunId.

Return type : String

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Job run ID number.


The following example shows how to get the list of log items for a specified job run of a specific job.


blcli JobRun getLogItemsByJobRunId $JOB_RUN_ID 

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