JobRun - getEndTimeByRunKey_1

JobRun - getEndTimeByRunKey

Description :

This command gets the formatted end time for a job run. You must provide the handle for the job run.

You can use any of the following to get the jobRunKey:

JobRun findLastRunKeyByJobKey

JobRun findLastRunKeyById

The end time is formatted using Java's SimpleDateFormat patterns. (See getEndTimeByRunKey for a similar command that provides the end time in Java date format.) The following list briefly describes SimpleDateFormat patterns. The first item in the list labels components of subsequent items in the list.

  • Letter--date piece--example
  • y--year--05,2005
  • M--month--Aug,August,08
  • d--day of month--15
  • H--hour of day (24h format,0-23)--16
  • m--minute of hour--35
  • s--second of minute--21
    Other possible patterns are:
  • Letter--date piece--example
  • z--time zone (general)--EDT
  • Z--time zone (RFC822)-- -0400
  • E--day of week--Wed,Wednesday
  • G--era--AD
  • w--week of year--35
  • D--day of year--156
  • W--week of month--3
  • F--day of week of month--2
  • a--am/pm-- PM
  • k--hour of day(1-24)--
  • K--hour of AM/PM(0-11)--
  • h--hour of AM/PM(1-12)--
  • S--Millisecond--
    For example, for the date of 5 Aug 2005, 2:40:56 PM on a client in the Eastern time zone, a format string of "yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss" produces the output 2005/08/05 14:40:56.

    Return type : java.lang.Object

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Handle identifying a particular job run.



Format for presenting time. See above for a more complete description.


See JobRun findAllRunKeysByJobKey for an example showing one way to use this command. Although that example uses the getStartTimeByRunKey command, you can use getEndTimeByRunKey instead.

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