Job - executeAgainstServers

Job - executeAgainstServers

Description :

This command executes a job against specified targets. The targets are not necessarily defined as the job targets and do not change the job targets definition.

This command returns the schedule ID of the job.

Note: To use this command on an Advanced Deploy Job, the Reset job on failure option must be selected for the job, so that failed job runs are automatically reset. In addition, the last job run must not be in incomplete state. If necessary, you can manually reset the job.

Return type : Integer

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Handle of the job.


List of server names.


The following example executes a job against servers named engrhas21agt1 and engrhas21agt2.


JOB_KEY=`blcli SnapshotJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName /snapshots tstSnap` 

blcli Job executeAgainstServers $JOB_KEY engrhas21agt1,engrhas21agt2 

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