ImportExport - importObjectUseDestinationProperty

ImportExport - importObjectUseDestinationProperty

Description :

This command imports an object into the BMC BladeLogic system using the import location, mapping file, and a flag that allow to use an existing destination property or create a new property if it does not exist.

Return type : java.lang.Void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Name of the directory where the object you want to import is located.



Location of a mapping file used to resolve any conflicts that occur when importing.



A boolean. If true, it will use the existing destination property when the property exists in the destination system, or a property will be automatically created when it does not exist; If false and it is an Enumeration property, importing will fail with a property mismatch error when the property exists in the destination system but its property values is not the same as in the exporting system; If false and the property does not exist in the destination system, the import will fail with the Property does not exist on importing system error.


The following example shows how to import an object stored in the directory /c/exportedObjects/template1, using the mapping file template1_mapping.xml.


blcli ImportExport importObjectUseDestinationProperty /c/exportedObjects/template1 /c/exportedObjects/template1_mapping.xml true 

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