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DepotSoftware - updateSourceLocation

Description :

This command updates the source location and associated information for a depot software installable.

Use the urlTypeName argument to indicate the name of the deployable URL type. urlTypeName can be one of the following:

  • FILE_SERVER: Upload source to file server.
  • AGENT_COPY_AT_STAGING: Copy to agent at staging.
  • AGENT_MOUNT: Agent mounts source for direct use at deployment (no local copy).

For sourceLocation, you can use fully qualified NFS, SMB or NSH paths. Here are examples of acceptable formats:

  • //myserver/<PATH>
  • rscd://myserver/<PATH>
  • nfs://nfsserver/<export>/<path>
  • smb://[[password:]user@]smbserver/<share>/<path>
    For the SMB option, password and user are optional.

Note that the urlTypeName determines what formats you can use for sourceLocation:

  • If the urlTypeName is FILE_SERVER, then only the NSH path format beginning with // or / (for local host) is permitted.
  • If the urlTypeName is AGENT_COPY_AT_STAGING, then all the sourceLocation formats listed above are permitted.
  • If the urlTypeName is AGENT_MOUNT, then only the NFS and SMB formats are permitted.

For altNSHPath, use an NSH path starting with //.

Return type : DBKey

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Handle to the software installable whose source location you want to update.



URL for fully qualified NFS, SMB or NSH path to software.



True to not copy source to undo directory. False to copy source to undo directory.



The deployable URL type name.



Alternate NSH path for file containing system info.


The following example gets a handle to a software installable, then uses this handle to update the installable's source location and associated information.


#Get a handle to a software installable called test.rpm. 

INSTALLABLE_KEY=`blcli DepotObject getDBKeyByTypeStringGroupAndName RPM_INSTALLABLE "/MySoftwareGroup" test.rpm` 

#Assign a new source location to this installable. 

NEW_INSTALLABLE_KEY=`blcli DepotSoftware updateSourceLocation "$INSTALLABLE_KEY" //myserver/path/to/test.rpm true AGENT_COPY_AT_STAGING //server2/another/path/to/test.rpm` 

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