DepotSoftware - addSolarisIpsPackageToDepotByGroupName_1

DepotSoftware - addSolarisIpsPackageToDepotByGroupName_1

Description :

This command adds a Solaris IPS package archive in the Depot with the URL mounting options.

To add an Solaris package archive without having to specify the URL mounting options, use DepotSoftware - addSolarisIpsPackageToDepotByGroupName.

Use the urlTypeName argument to indicate the name of the deployable URL type. urlTypeName can be one of the following:

  • FILE_SERVER: Upload source to file server. When you use this option, you cannot use property references in the source location.
  • AGENT_COPY_AT_STAGING: Copy to agent at staging.
  • AGENT_MOUNT: Agent mounts source for direct use at deployment (no local copy).

Return type : DBKey

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Full path to the depot group containing the package.



Location of the software package you are adding. This can be either a fully qualified NSH path or a network URL.



Display name of the package.

skipCopySourceBooleanTrue means do not copy source to undo directory. False means copy source to undo directory.
urlTypeNameStringThe deployable URL type name.


The command DepotSoftware addRpmToDepotByGroupName_1 provides an example showing how to add software to the Depot.

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