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DepotSoftware - addCustomSoftwareToDepotByGroupName

Description :

This command adds a custom software package to the depot with the URL mounting options. To add a custom software package without having to specify the URL mounting options, use addCustomSoftwareToDepotByGroupName .

Use the OSType argument to specify the operating system for the custom software package. OSType can be one of the following values:

  • Windows
  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • HP-UX
  • AIX
  • None

Use the customSoftwareType argument to specify the type of software package. The following is a list of all valid custom software types:

  • SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition
  • SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1
  • SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 2
  • SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3
  • Exchange 2000 Service Pack
  • Sun ONE Web Server
  • BMC Patrol Agent
  • BEA WebLogic Server 8.1
  • BEA WebLogic Server 7.0
  • Microsoft Security Template
  • Compaq/HP BIOS Update
  • Dell BIOS Update
  • Custom Software

Use the installCmd and unInstallCmd arguments to specify install and uninstall commands. If you do not specify install or uninstall commands, the default install or uninstall commands for the specified type of custom software package will be used.

If the installation/uninstallation procedure for the software package requires a support file, you must include a parameter that references the support file in the install/uninstall command. You must include this parameter in the paramSupportNameList argument, and specify the location of the support file that this parameter references in the supportFileList argument.

If the installation/uninstallation procedure requires more than one support file, you can use a comma separated string in both the paramSupportNameList argument and the supportFileList argument. Make sure that the order of the parameters in paramSupportNameList corresponds to the order of support file locations in supportFileList.

Use the urlTypeName argument to indicate the name of the deployable URL type. urlTypeName can be one of the following:

  • FILE_SERVER: Upload source to file server. When you use this option, you cannot use property references in the source location.
  • AGENT_COPY_AT_STAGING: Copy to agent at staging.
  • AGENT_MOUNT: Agent mounts source for direct use at deployment (no local copy).

Return type : DBKey

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Fully qualified path to the depot group in which you want to store your custom software package.



Type of operating system.



Type of custom software.



Location of the software package you are adding. This can be either a fully qualified NSH path or a network URL.



Display name of the custom software. This is the name that will appear within the BMC BladeLogic graphical user interface.



Description of the custom software.



Install command.



Uninstall command.


One or more parameter names that reference support files required by the install and/or uninstall commands. You must include the locations of these files in the supportFileList argument. Separate multiple parameters with commas.


Fully qualified NSH path(s) to the support file(s) referenced by the parameters listed in the paramSupportNameList argument. Separate multiple paths with commas.


True to skip parameter substitution for the support file(s) listed in supportFileList, false not to skip. Separate multiple boolean boolean (true/false) values with commas. Each boolean value matches the corresponding support file in the supportFileList. The default is false (meaning do not skip skipping parameter subsitution).



True means do not copy source to undo directory. False means copy source to undo directory.



Name of the deployable URL type.


The following example shows how to add a custom software package:


DepotSoftware addCustomSoftwareToDepotByGroupName /tstDepotGroup "Windows" "BEA WebLogic Server 7.0" "//engwin2k3agt1/c/temp/beaInstall.exe" "myTestCustomSoftware" "desc" "" "" "_RESPONSEFILE" "//engwin2k3agt1/c/temp/beaResponse.txt" 

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