DeployJob - undoDeployWithApproval

DeployJob - undoDeployWithApproval

Description :

This command performs an undo (that is, a rollback) of a successful Deploy Job after receiving an approval. For an undo to succeed, rollback must have been enabled on the job when it was originally executed. This command can only roll back the latest run of a Deploy Job. The execution of the job will start only after the approval is received.

The argument deployJobKey is the handle to the Deploy Job you want to undo. To find the jobKey, use the getDBKeyByGroupAndName command.

Return type :

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Handle of the Deploy Job you want to undo.



Approval ID to be attached to the job.


The following example performs an undo of a Deploy Job. The Deploy Job in this example has a name of deployconfig, and resides in job group /deploys.


JOB_KEY=`blcli DeployJob  [getDBKeyByGroupAndName|DeployJob - getDBKeyByGroupAndName] /deploys deployconfig` 

JOB_APPROVAL_ID=`blcli Job createApproval 2 2 "My change" 2 3 "" ""` 

DeployJob undoDeploy $JOB_KEY $JOB_APPROVAL_ID 

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