DeployJob - executeJobAndWait

DeployJob - executeJobAndWait

Description :

This command executes a Deploy Job and waits for the job to end before returning. If approval is enabled for the job type use the other command which takes in approval ID as an additional input.

Use this command to execute a job unless the job should be scheduled. Because this command does not return until the job completes, it effectively pauses execution of any script running this command. This command returns a handle to the job run. It can be used in other commands that need to reference the Deploy Job run.

Return type :

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Handle to the Deploy Job to be executed.


The following example gets a handle to a Deploy Job, executes the job, and waits for the job to end before returning.



JOB_NAME="Deploy to all Servers" 

JOB_KEY=`blcli DeployJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "$JOB_FOLDER" "$JOB_NAME"` 

JOB_RUN_KEY=`blcli DeployJob executeJobAndWait $JOB_KEY` 

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