Delete - getCompositeClassAsTree

Delete - getCompositeClassAsTree

Description :

This command retrieves a tree representing the structure of a composite class.

Use the classType argument to specify the composite class for which you want to retrieve the structure tree. Use one of the following values:

  • SBLFile: This composite class is referenced by the depot objects, audit objects, and snapshot objects. This composite class pertains to file information in the database.
  • SBlAcl: This composite class refers to ACLs.
  • SBlValue: This composite class is referenced by generic model objects, with references to internal values generated by BMC Server Automation, such as values created for specific instances of a property class or a Depot object. For example, when you create an Audit Job, BMC Server Automation generates a BLValue for that instance of the Audit Job.
  • SBLFileChecksum: This composite class refers to checksum files.

Return type :

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Name of the composite class.



True to include shared external parts, otherwise false.


The following example shows how to retrieve a structure tree for the SBLFile class:


blcli Delete getCompositeClassAsTree SBLFile true
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