Delete - cleanupHistoricalData

Delete - cleanupHistoricalData

Description :

This command cleans up historical data from the database. Historical data includes Compliance Job results, Audit Job results, Snapshot Job results, Patching Job results, Deploy Job results, job run events, job schedules, audit trail, and shared data (from generic assets and configuration objects generated during Snapshot Jobs and Audit Jobs). BMC Server Automation 8.9.02 also includes Old Version Component and Old Version Job as historical data.

This command runs using the default cleanup values for retention time. Default retention times are:

  • For job schedules, job run events, audit trail, and shared data: 14 days
  • For job results (of Compliance Jobs, Audit Jobs, Snapshot Jobs, Patching Jobs, and Deploy Jobs): As set by the RESULTS_RETENTION_TIME property, for which the default is 0 (no deletion of job data). For more information about the RESULTS_RETENTION_TIME property and how to set it, see To set the retention period for job runs.

As the default, no maximum duration is applied to the cleanup operation, and it runs until it completes or is aborted.

Return type : java.lang.Object

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