Delete - cleanupDatabase_1

Delete - cleanupDatabase

Description :

This command deletes database rows for objects that have been previously marked for deletion.

Note: Certain objects are not deleted due to potential object dependencies. The cleanup process deletes all top-level model objects of the classes listed in the hk_allowed_classes database table, as well as all their child classes (which are not listed in this table). BMC recommends that you do NOT modify the contents of the hk_allowed_classes table.

Return type : java.lang.Object

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Maximum duration for the operation in minutes. Note that the total time for cleanup may exceed the time specified by this variable, depending on environment factors that might cause the batch processing for cleanup to run for a longer time. The minimum valid value for this duration is 60 minutes.


The following example shows how to to delete database rows that have been marked for deletion.


blcli Delete cleanupDatabase 240 
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