Delete - cleanupDatabase

Delete - cleanupDatabase

Description :

This command deletes database rows for objects that have been previously marked for deletion.

Note: Certain objects are not deleted due to potential object dependencies. The cleanup process deletes all top-level model objects of the classes listed in the hk_allowed_classes database table, as well as all their child classes (which are not listed in this table). BMC recommends that you do NOT modify the contents of the hk_allowed_classes table.

This command first runs the following stored procedures and lets them finish -- JobRunEvent, AuditTrail, Audit Result, Compliance Result, JobSchedule and Snapshot Result. Then the command starts other deletion tasks. These other deletion tasks are allotted a maximum of 240 minutes. The "240 minute clock" starts after the stored procedures finish.

Return type : java.lang.Object

Command Input : no input


The following example shows how to to delete database rows that have been marked for deletion.


blcli Delete cleanupDatabase 

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