The ContentImportExport namespace contains commands for exporting and importing component templates and dependent objects from one BMC BladeLogic system to another. These export and import processes are version-neutral, allowing you to export component templates from one BMC BladeLogic version 8.x system and import them to any other BMC BladeLogic system of the same version or of any later version. These processes involve the creation and use of an easily readable, XML-based content format file. During the import process, you can preserve any existing objects found on the target system.

For detailed information about these processes as accessed through the BMC BladeLogic GUI and about the XML-based content format, see Importing templates using a version-neutral mechanism and Exporting templates using a version-neutral mechanism.

Note: Alternative methods for importing and exporting various types of BMC BladeLogic objects are described in the documentation for the ImportExport namespace and the GranularExportImport namespace.

This name space contains the following commands:

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