BlPackage - importAndUpdateByDBKey

BlPackage - importAndUpdateByDBKey

Description :

This command imports a BLPackage, and uses that BLPackage to update the destination BLPackage. For information about the update process, see the introductory chapter Import and export concepts.

At the conclusion of the operation, this command deletes the source BLPackage in the database. Note that this command does not delete the directory structure and XML files used for the import. If you want to delete the directory structure and XML files from your file system, you must do this manually.

This command creates a temporary group at the root of the depot workspace, and uses that group to store the imported BLPackage. The temporary group is deleted at the end of the update operation. By default, the name of this temporary group is /importAndUpdate. You can change the name of the temporary group to whatever path you want, using the blasadmin command:

set ConfigManagerUI DefaultImportAndUpdateFolder /path/to/some/folder

Return type : void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Name of the directory where the object you want to import is located.



Location of a mapping file used to resolve any conflicts that occur when importing.



Name of the source BLPackage.



Handle to the destination BLPackage.


The following example shows how to import a BLPackage, then use that package to update the destination BLPackage.


DBKEY_DEST=`blcli BlPackage getDBKeyByGroupAndName /group1 oldPkg` 

blcli BlPackage importAndUpdateByDBKey /c/tmp/export_files/newPkg /c/tmp/export_files/newPkg/mapping.xml newPkg $DBKEY_DEST 

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