Utility - exportExecutionTaskMatrix

Utility - exportExecutionTaskMatrix

Description :

This command exports a matrix of information about an Execution Task's job progress on target servers. This matrix is contained in a CSV file. For each target server, the following columns of data are available:

  • Status: the overall current status of the job at this target server
  • Next Schedule: the next date and time that the Execution Task is scheduled to run the job at this target server
  • Specific job run (multiple columns): execution status at the target server at the end of a specific job run, with one column for each job run identified by date and time

Return type : java.lang.Void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Handle to the Execution Task whose results you want to export.



Fully qualified path to the export CSV file, including the file name.


The following example exports an Execution Task results matrix:


ET_KEY=`blcli ExecutionTask getDBKeyByGroupAndName /tasks tstET` 

blcli Utility exportExecutionTaskMatrix $ET_KEY "C:/temp/sampleETMatrix.csv" 

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