This space documents the BMC Server Automation command line interface (BLCLI).

For more introductory information about the BLCLI, see BLCLI reference.

BLCLI updates in BMC Server Automation 8.7

The following series of tables list the new and updated BLCLI commands that support developments and enhancements in BMC BladeLogic Server Automation 8.7.00:

New BLCLI commands in 8.7.00

AuthorizationProfilelistAllAuthorizationProfilesLists all Authorization Profiles in the system, one profile on each line.
ExecutionTaskdeleteExecutionTaskByGroupAndNameDeletes an Execution Task by group and name.
JobexecuteJobAndReturnScheduleIDExecutes a job and returns the schedule ID.
PropertyInstanceapplyAclPolicyApplies an ACL Policy to a Property Instance and returns the DBKey of the updated instance.
RBACRoledeleteRoleDeletes an existing role.
TemplatelistPropertyInstanceNamesByGroupAndNameLists the names of all local property instances for a Component Template.
UtilityexportDeployRunStatusWithUndoByGroupExports the server/phase status of the latest run of all Deploy Jobs in a specified group including undo. It places this status information in a CSV file.

Updated BLCLI commands in 8.7.00

ComponentExceptioncreateComponentExceptionWithOneRuleUpdated to include the rule reference number in the input.
DeletecleanupHistoricalDataOption added for deleting historical data from Deploy Jobs.

Option added to return the permissions contained in the policy along with the policy name.


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