Delete - hardDeleteSharedObjectsByClass

Delete - hardDeleteSharedObjectsByClass

Description :

Some database tables contain rows that are referenced (shared) by more than one top-level object such as an Asset, Snapshot Job, Audit Job, BLPackage, Snapshot Job Run, etc.

These database tables can contain rows that are no longer referenced by objects. This command lets you delete these unreferenced rows.

Use the classType argument to specify the composite class for which you want to delete unreferenced rows. Use one of the following values:

  • SBLFile: This composite class is referenced by the depot objects, audit objects, and snapshot objects. This cleans up references to files that are no longer used. Note that this cleans up file information from the database. If you want to remove the file from the file system, use the Delete : cleanupFileServer command.
  • SBlAcl: This composite class refers to orphan (no longer referenced) ACLs.
  • SBlValue: This composite class is referenced by generic model objects. This cleans up references to internal values generated by BMC Server Automation, such as values created for specific instances of a property class or a Depot object. For example, when you create an Audit Job, BMC Server Automation generates a BLValue for that instance of the Audit Job.
  • SBLFileChecksum: This cleans up checksum file references that are no longer used.

Return type : java.lang.Object

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Name of the composite class.



Continue execution on error (true/false).



Maximum duration for the operation in minutes. Note that the total time for cleanup may exceed the time specified by this variable, depending on environment factors that might cause the batch processing for cleanup to run for a longer time.


The following example shows how to delete database rows.


blcli Delete hardDeleteSharedObjectsByClass SBLFile true 240 

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