Delete - executeRetentionPolicy_1

Delete - executeRetentionPolicy

Description :

This command marks for deletion from the BMC BladeLogic database old job runs and job and depot objects automatically created during patching and auto-remediation operations.

Before you run this command, you need to define a retention policy by:

  • Enabling the retention policy utility. To do this start the Application Server Administration console (blasadmin) and issue the following command: set cleanup EnableRetentionPolicy true.
  • Optionally setting the retention period for job runs. By default the retention period is 0, meaning do not delete any job runs (disable the retention period). However, you can set the retention period to another number of days via the BMC BladeLogic GUI.
  • Setting the retention period for automatically generated objects.

For more information, see Marking data for deletion in the BMC Server Automation online documentation.

Return type : java.lang.Object

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Maximum duration for the operation in minutes. Note that the total time for cleanup may exceed the time specified by this variable, depending on environment factors that might cause the batch processing for cleanup to run for a longer time. The minimum valid value for this duration is 60 minutes.

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