AuthorizationProfile - applyAclTemplate

AuthorizationProfile - applyAclTemplate

Description :

This command applies an access control list (ACL) template to the ACL controlling access to an authorization profile.

When an ACL template is applied to an object, all permission entries from the ACL template that are relevant to that target object are retrieved from the ACL template. Then, any entries with the role "Current Role" are replaced with the role that is executing the command. These entries are then either appended to the existing ACL entries, or they replace the existing ACL entries, depending on the value of the 'replace' argument. Returns the DBKey of the modified object.

Return type : DBKey

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




The name of the authorization profile to be modified.



The name of the ACL template to use.



A flag indicating whether you want to to replace all the existing ACL entries with the entries in the template. Set this flag to true if you want to replace the existing entries with the entries in the template. Set this flag to false if you want to append the entries in the template to the existing entries.


The following example shows how to apply an ACL template called "Test Template" to the authorization profile "Profile".

Assuming "Test Template" has the following entries in its template:

  • RoleA Server.Read
  • RoleA AuthProfile.*

And that "Profile" has the following entries in its ACL:

  • Everyone AuthProfile.Read
  • RoleA AuthProfile.ModifyACL


AuthorizationProfile applyAclTemplate "Profile" "Test Template" true 

#would result in the ACL for "Profile" having only the entry: RoleA AuthProfile.* 

AuthorizationProfile applyAclTemplate "Profile" "Test Template" false 

#would result in the ACL for "Profile" having the entries: RoleA AuthProfile.* Everyone AuthProfile.Read RoleA AuthProfile.ModifyACL 

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