Virtualization - setGuestCustomizationConfiguration

Virtualization - setGuestCustomizationConfiguration

Description :

This command uses an XML file to set operating system-wide configuration settings for virtual guest packages (VGPs) that are based on discovered templates. For example, you can use this command to specify that the Windows Server 2008 VGP contains a user name of myUser, an administrator password of myPassword and a license key of xyz, along with other settings.

This command is used in combination with the createVGTemplateEnrollmentJobForServer command and the createVGTemplateEnrollmentJobForServerGroup command.. When these commands discover templates and create VGPs that are based on the templates, they use the configuration settings you established with the setGuestCustomizationConfiguration command to complete the VGPs.

For information on obtaining and using the values in the XML file, see the introductory chapter, Virtualization Concepts.

Return type : Boolean

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




URL to the XML file containing the virtualization configuration information.


The following example shows how to specify configuration settings for operating systems.


Virtualization setGuestCustomizationConfiguration "//myHost/c/virtConfiguration.xml" 

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