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Virtualization - exportVirtualGuestJobRun

Virtualization - exportVirtualGuestJobRun

Description :

This command exports the results (job run log) of a Virtual Guest Job run to a file. You must identify the job run by its run ID.

Return type : java.lang.Void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




ID of the Virtual Guest Job run whose results you want to export.



Name of the file that holds the export.


The following example shows how to export the job run result of a Virtual Guest Job.


# Get the DBKey of the job for which you want to export the logs 

JOB_DBKEY=Virtualization getDBKeyByGroupAndName "/VMware VGJ" "VMware - VGJ - 001" 

# From the job key, get the job run keys. Here the result could be multiple job run keys  based on the number of times the job has been run. In this example, the job has been run only once and therefore  you see only one entry listed in the result. 

JobRun findAllRunKeysByJobKey $JOB_DBKEY 

Result : DBKey:SJobRunModelKeyImpl:2000002-2003100 

# Get the job run ID using the job run key 

JOB_RUN_ID=JobRun jobRunKeyToJobRunId DBKey:SJobRunModelKeyImpl:2000002-2003100 

Use the job run ID to export the job run logs 

Virtualization exportVirtualGuestJobRun $JOB_RUN_ID "C:/temp/jobRunLog.csv" 

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