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Utility - exportJobDataByPropertyValue

Utility - exportJobDataByPropertyValue

Description :

This command exports the job data that meets the specified condition (property with a specific value) into a file in CSV format.
The condition may contain any property of any type except of DeployURLType or other types that are not supported by the execution task's override job properties mechanism.
The data includes jobs defined with this condition and job runs that were executed with this condition (by the override job properties of execution task mechanism).

Use case example: Suppose you used the Property Dictionary to add a property called ticketId to the SnapshotJob property class. (Property Dicitonary => Built-in Property Classes => Job => Snapshot Job). Each time you ran a Snapshsot Job, you provided a value for the ticketId property. You can now use the exportJobDataByPropertyValue command to retrieve data about all the jobs that were run where ticketId was set to a specific value.

Note: This command supports properties created for all job types (that is, properties created through the Property Dictionary in the Built-in Property Classes > Job property class), but does not support properties created for an individual job type (that is, in any of the property classes under the Job property class).

Return type : java.lang.Void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type


Property Name


Name of property to create the condition according to.

Operator Name


Name of operator to use for the evaluation of the condition.

For a list of available operators, see Operand data types and operator compatibility.

Property Value


Value of the property to evaluate the condition by.

Export File Name


Name of the export file.


The following example shows how to export the job's data that meets the specified condition (contains a property by the name ticketId with the value "111") into a file called jobData.csv.


Utility  exportJobDataByPropertyValue ticketId equals 111 C:/tmp/jobData.csv 

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