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Utility - exportComplianceDetailsServerReportWithServerName

Utility - exportComplianceDetailsServerReportWithServerName

Description :

This command exports the selected servers compliance job run result to a directory and gives you more control over the resulting output than other similar commands. The result is saved in a JSON and HTML format.

Return type : java.lang.Void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




ID of the Compliance Job run whose results you want to export.


Name of the server for which the report needs to be generated.



Name of the directory that holds the export.


The following example shows how to export the selected job run result of a Compliance Job. To prepare for the export, we first get the job key, and use it to get the job run key; we then convert the job run key to a job run ID, and then we are finally ready to run the export command.


JOB_DB_KEY=`blcli ComplianceJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "/sampleJobGroup" "sampleJob"`
JOB_RUN_KEY=`blcli JobRun findAllRunKeysByJobKey $JOB_DB_KEY`
JOB_RUN_ID=`blcli JobRun jobRunKeyToJobRunId $JOB_RUN_KEY`
COMPLIANCE_JOB_RUN_EXPORT=`blcli Utility exportComplianceDetailsServerReportWithServerName $JOB_RUN_ID "hostname" "//hostname/c/reports"`
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