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Impersonation - deleteAutomationPrincipalAndDependencies

Impersonation - deleteAutomationPrincipalAndDependencies

Description :

This command deletes an existing automation principal. Deleting an automation principal means breaking all of the existing associations between that automation principal and RBAC Roles. The command will fail if no automation principal exists with the given name. This command will also delete any dependent objects (like Remote Host Authentications) of this automation principal. This command should be used with caution as no warning is given to delete the dependent objects.

Return type : void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Name of the automation principal


The following example deletes the "CorpDomainAdmin" automation principal and any objects that depend on the "CorpDomainAdmin" automation principal.


Impersonation deleteAutomationPrincipalAndDependencies CorpDomainAdmin 

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