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Utility - updateServersStatus

Utility - updateServersStatus

Description :

This command updates the agent status for a set of servers. Specifically, for each server in a list of servers, this command updates the AGENT_STATUS property value.

The command has two different modes of operation. It can update all properties on the agent or update the agent status only. If only the agent status property should be updated, the command does not go through the Application Server. Instead, it uses the NSH agentinfo command to update the AGENT_STATUS property. If all properties should be updated, the command goes through the Application Server to obtain updated information about the specified servers.

Return type : java.lang.Void

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




List of servers to update. This list must be comma-delimited, for example, server 1,server2,server3.The agent status is updated for each server in the list.



Maximum number of threads to use for updating servers.



Maximum time to wait for each individual server update. Express this time value in milliseconds.



True to update all properties; false to update only the agent status property.


The following example shows how to update the agent status for a set of servers.


Utility updateServersStatus Target_Lin,Target_Win 2 120000 false
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