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UpgradeModelObjectsJob - removeTemplateGroupFromJob

UpgradeModelObjectsJob - removeTemplateGroupFromJob

Description :

This command removes a template group from an existing Upgrade Model Objects Job.

The jobKey argument is a DBKey that refers to the job you want to modify. The groupId argument is the ID of the template group you want to remove from the job.

This command returns a handle to the updated job. Note that this handle is different than any existing handle to this job. All older handles are invalid.

Return type : DBKey

Command Input :

Variable Name

Variable Type




Handle to the job.



ID of the template group.


The following example shows how to remove a template group from an existing Upgrade Model Objects Job.


JOB_KEY=`blcli UpgradeModelObjectsJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName /group1 upgrade_co_job`

GROUP_ID=`blcli TemplateGroup groupNameToId /group1`

JOB_KEY=`blcli UpgradeModelObjectsJob removeTemplateGroupFromJob $JOB_KEY $GROUP_ID`
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