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This space documents the BMC Server Automation command line interface (BLCLI).

For more introductory information about the BLCLI, see Working with the BLCLI.

BLCLI updates in BMC Server Automation 8.3

The following series of tables list the new and updated BLCLI commands in BMC Server Automation 8.3 and its service packs:

 BLCLI commands updated in version 8.3.00...

The following BLCLI commands have been updated in BMC Server Automation version 8.3.00:




The listVirtualEntityTypes command now lists an additional entity type called SCVMMVMNetwork.

The new SCVMMVMNetwork type can be used as input for the following commands:

UtilityThe format of the CSV file generated by the simpleExportPatchAnalysisRunLatest command has been enhanced and now displays all patches, both missing patches and installed patches. A new Status column in the CSV file displays the status of the patch — Missing, Installed, or EffectivelyInstalled.

 BLCLI command updated in version 8.3.01...

The following BLCLI command has been updated in BMC Server Automation 8.3 SP1:


cleanupDatabase $logLevel$ $continueOnError$ 

$durationInMin$ $classType$

Example: blcli Delete cleanupDatabase 2 true 240 SDepotObject

This comand deletes database rows for the input object that were previously marked for deletion.

  • logLevel - Log level (valid values are 1 (ERROR), 2 (WARNING), 3 (INFO), 4 (DETAILED), 5 (VERY DETAILED), 6 (DEBUG))
  • continueOnError - Continue execution on error (true/false)
  • durationInMin - Maximum duration for the operation in minutes
  • classType - Name of the composite class

 BLCLI commands added in version 8.3.02...

The following BLCLI commands have been introduced in BMC Server Automation version 8.3 SP2:



BlPackage applyAclPolicy
DBManager blGatherSchemaStats
DepotObject copyDepotObject
Job getTargets






RBACRole syncUsersWithNameSuffix

 BLCLI commands added or updated in version 8.3.03...

The following BLCLI commands have been introduced in BMC Server Automation 8.3 SP3:

In addition, the PatchingJob - createAixPatchingJobWithTargetServer command was updated to include an additional input parameter that enables you to set the Analysis Mode to one of the following values:

  • 1 - Install mode, which reports all missing filesets, the ones that are not installed on the target.
  • 2 - Update mode, which reports only updates for the installed filesets on the target. This is the default value.



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