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Migration packs

A Migration Pack contains the instructions that are passed to BMC Helix Data Manager Engine when you perform import and export operations. A Migration Pack is linked to a particular source and target Data Dictionary and can be used to migrate data between any two systems that are linked to those data dictionaries.

The following video (2:53) provides a high-level overview of Migration Packs.

A Migration Pack includes the following components:



Data mappings

For each form that is migrated, BMC Helix Data Manager identifies the correct target forms in the target Data Dictionary and then automatically maps all fields and applies appropriate data transformations and data enrichments based on the configuration of the template Migration Pack.

You can use different Migration Pack templates for different scenarios. For example, the data mapping for an upgrade is different from the mapping for a promotion between two systems running the same ITSM application version.

You can manage these data mappings from the Data Migration > Data Mapping interface.

Migration trees

You can migrate any related set of data between source and target systems. These relationships are defined in a tree structure that is fully configurable.

Each node in the migration tree represents a form mapping. A form mapping defines the data mapping between a form in the source Data Dictionary and a form in the target Data Dictionary (including field mappings, data enrichment, and transformations).

Runtime template

A Migration Pack can have multiple export and import templates.

The Migration Pack templates include multiple export and import templates that support a range of migration scenarios.

In an ITSM migration, you can use a runtime template to enable a single Migration Pack to migrate only Foundation data or only SRM configuration data.

These templates allow you to control whether:

  • Forms in the migration tree are enabled or disabled for export/import and if data filters are applied to forms and cascaded to their child forms in the tree.
  • A standard or incremental data migration is performed, and forms are checked for deletion in an incremental migration.
  • Identifiers are transformed during a migration, for example, in a consolidation scenario.
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