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Adding your custom forms to a migration pack

You can add your AR System application custom forms, including CMDB forms for custom classes.

To add custom forms

  1. From the navigation bar, select Data Migration > Migration Packs.
  2. On the Migration Pack page, select the migration pack you copied for your source and target discovered data dictionaries.
  3. Click the Add Forms tab.

    The Select Compare To Data Dictionary field shows the name of the source data dictionary from the BMC Helix Data Manager template you used as the template for this migration pack.
    All of your customized forms are listed (that is, all forms that are in your source BMC Helix ITSM system but not in the uncustomized out-of-the-box installation of BMC Helix ITSM).
    This may include some out-of-the-box BMC forms that are not part of the out-of- the-box installation. Contact BMC Support if you need support in deciding whether to add forms.
  4. To migrate all data for your custom forms, select one or more forms, and click Auto Add Form As Root Node.
    For each form you select and that has a matching form in your target BMC Helix ITSM system, BMC Helix Data Manager will:
    • Create a form mapping
    • Add forms as root nodes to the migration tree
    This easy option takes all data for your custom forms and is suitable for the majority of scenarios.

Respecting application relationships during migration

You may want to migrate your custom data in a way that respects application relationships. For example, you want to migrate incidents from the last three years, you have some custom forms related to the Incident form, and you want to include only custom form data related to those incidents.

To add forms individually

  1. Click Add New Form.
  2. Follow the steps in the wizard to add the form as a root node or, using BMC Helix Data Manager's relationship expert, as a child of an existing form in the tree.
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