Adding logo and branding on scheduled reports

As a tenant administrator, add the logo and branding of your company on the reports that are scheduled to be sent periodically over email. From the BMC Helix Dashboards home page, use the Scheduled Reports > Settings page to customize the logo and branding on the reports.

For example, Susan is a Service Desk Manager in an organization that provides enterprise monitoring software. Susan's responsibilities include sending out network performance reports to the internal and external stakeholders of their software. Her company uses BMC Helix Dashboards to create dashboards that provide an insight about all performance parameters of their software. Susan uses the report settings in BMC Helix Dashboards to add the logo of her company in the scheduled reports.

To add logo and branding on scheduled reports

Refer to the following video (2:25) to see how to add logo and branding to scheduled reports:

To add logo and branding on scheduled reports

  1. From the navigation menu , click Report scheduler, and click Settings tab.
  2. In the Company logo URL field, add the URL of the location of your logo file. 
    Only jpg, png, and jpeg images are allowed in this field. If you leave this field blank, the default BMC Helix logo will appear on your reports.
  3. Enter the footer text and the footer URL. 
  4. Enter the date and time format. 
    The generated report displays the date and time in the format specified in this field.
  5. Save the logo and branding settings.
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