Visualizing predictive time series data

As a tenant administrator, an editor, or a viewer, use the BMC Time Series Forecast visualization plug-in to view predictive data on a dashboard. By using this plug-in, you can access the time series data from the following products:

  • BMC Helix AIOps
  • BMC Helix Continuous Optimization
  • BMC Helix Cloud Security
  • BMC Helix Intelligent Automation
  • BMC Helix Log Analytics
  • BMC Helix Operations Management

Example: View the predictive server operations data

A tenant administrator can view the forecast of the back-end operations for the next 2 months by using the BMC Time Series Forecast visualization plug-in:

To create a dashboard as shown in the example:

  1. From the navigation menu , click Dashboards.
  2. Click Add visualization.
  3. In the Query section, select BMC Helix and add your queries. For instructions, see Configuring dashboards, panels, and queries.


    Other data sources can also be used to collect and display the time series data.

  4. On the Panel tab, expand Visualization and select BMC Time Series Forecast.

  5. Expand BMC Time Series Forecast and configure the following options:
    • Algorithm type—Select the type of algorithm to calculate predictive data. 
      By default, AUTOMATIC is selected in this field. We recommend that you use the AUTOMATIC algorithm type for viewing better predictive time series data.
    • Show/hide the confidence bands—Select to show the confidence bands in the panel.
    • Future period—Select the period for which predictive data should be calculated. 
      In this example, 2 months is selected as the future period.
  6. Click Save.

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