Solaris Zone Details dashboard

The Solaris Zone Details dashboard provides the configuration and capacity-specific details of the selected zone. You can use this information to analyze the zone capacity.


Do not make the dashboard editable by using the Make editable option in the dashboard settings. If you want to customize the dashboard, we recommend that you create a copy of the dashboard and customize it.

The dashboard displays the capacity usage trend in charts. The GIB, MIB, or TIB units specified in the charts are the same as GB, MB, or TB.

To view the Solaris Zone Details dashboard

  1. Open BMC Helix Dashboards from BMC Helix Portal.
  2. From the navigation menu, click Dashboards.
  3. Search for the Helix Continuous Optimization folder and select it.
  4. Click Solaris Zone Details.
  5. From the Zone list, select a zone to view its capacity-specific details.

You can also access this dashboard from these dashboards: Solaris LDOM Overview and Solaris Dashboard

The dashboard displays the following details of the selected zone:

Configuration Details 

Displays the number of CPU cores that are allocated to the zone.


Displays the following details of CPU and memory utilization:

  • Bar gauge that shows the percentage of CPU usage
  • Charts that show the trend of CPU and memory usage for the selected period

Zone Profile 

Displays charts that indicate the usage trend of the following parameters:

  • CPU utilization in percentage
  • CPU cores per processors
  • Memory utilization in GB
  • Disk paging rate in requests per second
  • Disk I/O rate in MB per second

The following table provides the parameter details and associated metrics:

Chart title DescriptionAssociated metrics
CPU UtilizationPercentage of CPU that is used by the zone.
  • Physical CPU Utilization: (Partition.CPU_UTIL * CPU_NUM) / Host.CPU_NUM  
  • Zone CPU Utilization: Partition.CPU_UTIL
Processors ConfiguredNumber of logical processors that are configured per CPU core.
  • Zone:CPU_NUM 
  • Host:CPU_NUM
  • Number of CPU Cores: (Zone.CPU_NUM / Host.CPU_THREADS_PER_CORE)
Memory UsageTotal memory that is used by the zone.
  • Zone.MEM_USED 
Memory UtilizationPercentage of memory used by the zone normalized by the total memory of the host.Zone.MEM_UTIL
Disk Paging RateAverage I/O paging rate of the disk aggregated by the host.Zone.DISK_PAGING_IO_RATE
Disk IO Rate Amount of data (in bytes) that is transferred per second.Zone.DISK_TRANSFER_RATE 
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