Solaris Dashboard

Use the Solaris Dashboard to analyze and manage the capacity of the Solaris infrastructure in your environment. The dashboard shows the key capacity metrics and charts of Solaris LDOMs and zones. You can use this information for capacity analysis.

The dashboard displays data for the following system types:

  • Virtual Machine - Solaris LDOM
  • Virtual Host - Solaris
  • Virtual Machine - Zone


Do not make the dashboard editable by using the Make editable option in the dashboard settings. If you want to customize the dashboard, we recommend that you create a copy of the dashboard and customize it.

Example: Visualize and analyze the capacity of the Solaris infrastructure

Paul is a capacity planner in an IT organization. He is responsible for planning and managing the infrastructure capacity, and wants to manage the capacity of the Solaris infrastructure.

Paul can use the out-of-the-box Solaris Dashboard to analyze the capacity-specific parameters of this Solaris infrastructure. He can verify whether any of the parameters are saturated or nearing saturation. This information can help him plan for the appropriate capacity-specific changes in the infrastructure to mitigate risks.

Before you begin

  1. Install the Solaris dashboard package in the BMC Helix Continuous Optimization console.
    For details, see Installing capacity views Open link .
  2. Configure and run the following ETLs to collect data:
    • Gateway VIS File Parser
    • BMC Helix Operations Management
      For details about configuring and running the ETLs, see Out-of-the-box ETLs Open link .

To view the dashboard

  1. Open BMC Helix Dashboards from BMC Helix Portal.
  2. From the navigation menu, click Dashboards.
  3. Search for the Helix Continuous Optimization folder and select it.
  4. Click Solaris Dashboard.

Tip: Quick access from the home page

To quickly open the dashboard from the home page, mark it as a favorite by using the star icon. Additionally, after you open a dashboard, it is available under Recently viewed dashboards on the home page.

Panels in the Solaris Dashboard

Solaris Overview

Navigate to the following dashboards from this panel:

Solaris Details

Navigate to the following dashboards from this panel:

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