Rebranding BMC Helix Dashboards for your company

As a tenant administrator, you can rebrand the home page of BMC Helix Dashboards to reflect your company's theme, logo, and other configurations. This creates a consistent experience for your users when they switch between applications.

Let's say Jordan, a tenant administrator, wants to change the logo and theme of BMC Helix Dashboards to match the logo and theme of his organization. Also, he wants to change the video displayed on the home page. To do this, Jordan must perform the steps to rebrand BMC Helix Dashboards and update the description of the home page panels.

To rebrand BMC Helix Dashboards

  1. From the navigation menu , click Administration > Default preferences.
  2. Perform the following steps:

    • UI Theme Set the theme of your Helix Dashboards portal. When set to Default, the Light UI theme is used.

    • Home Dashboard — Select the type of dashboard that you want to display on the home page. By default, this option is set to Default.
    • Timezone — Change the time zone or accept the default value, which is the time zone of your browser.
    • Week start — Select a default day to start a week. 
    • Language Select a language in which you want to display the content of Dashboards. The default is English.
    • Query type — Select the default option to be displayed for the query type while configuring a panel. The default is Events. This setting saves the time required to manually select the type that you frequently use.
  3. Click Save.

To update the description of the home page panels

  1. Create a copy of the home dashboard. For more information about creating a copy of a dashboard, see Configuring dashboards, panels, and queries.


    After copying the home dashboard, set the View permission for the Reporting Editor and Reporting Viewer roles. 

  2. Set the copied dashboard as favorite by clicking the Mark as favorite icon.
  3. Go to Administration > Default preferences and select the copied dashboard as the Home dashboard.
  4. Go to Helix Dashboards home page and edit the dashboard panels. 
  5. Update the panel descriptions and save the panels.

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